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Kulanasa, Vamshakshaya, Utpata, Saumya, Sheetala, Karaladamshtra, Candramukhi, Praveena, Kaalpavaka, ' Dhannayudha, Nirmala, Krura, Atisheetala, Payodhi, Brahmana, Chandra-Rekha InduRekha. The reverse is the order for even Rashi in so much, as these names are used. Graha in benefic Shashtiamsha produce auspicious, while the opposite is true in case of Graha in malefic Shashtiamsha. All of the graha are important to assess in D The Shastyamsha Varga provides a microscope detail of the 12th-angle and its implications of closure, finality, dissolution of material form, erosion of identity, and the laste experiences before embarking upon the bridge to the astral plane.

Within the D, confirm the disposition of the radical vyayapathi conclusions, disappearance, immaterial actions such as meditation, psycho-spiritual guidance, astral awareness the atmakaraka ultimate dispositions the ruler of 12th-from-Chandra emotional completion.

Interpreting Divisional Charts / Vargas in Vedic Astrology | Kosmic Effect

D provides an efficient view of range of behavior of the karaka in the current terrestrial lifetime. Graha behavior in D may indicate the "dream state" of each graha, showing its behavior when the native is busy in astral worlds during sleep. For example if Zukra is highly dignified in D, one may have deeply enjoyable aesthetic harmonious experiences in the sleep state, even if relationships in the waking material state are less balanced.

For matters of career 10, 7 or schooling 4, 7 or marriage 7, 12 seek the disposition of the D-1 rulers within their Shastyamsha. For example if the karmesha suffers a nichhamza condition in the D, there are likely some "low" qualities of the leadership behaviors in social reality which signify limits on one's rise into high visibility roles. Traditional Hindu time measurement units.

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Shasthyamsha lords are either malefic or benefic. Auspicious placement: atmakaraka in the Shastiamsha lagna.

Each of the varga will aid verification of the birth time. One important predictor can be the presence of atmakaraka in the D shastyamsha lagna. Atmakaraka found in both Parashari and Jaimini traditions is the graha which holds the highest degree among the seven classical graha. If the nativity shows a promise of social distinction , note the characteristics of the atmakaraka-graha residing in the D shastyamsha lagna to find a keynote of the native's life narrative and contribution to societ y.

Harding had Chandra rising in the Simha lagna of D Harding's life was lived with emotional intensity. It means that all planets view their 7th position. Saturn views 3rd and 10th have. Other planets have a quarter aspect to 3rd and 10th.

Guru has an aspect of 5th and 9th. Other planets have a half aspect to 5th and 9th, Mars has an aspect to 4th and 8th.

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Sage Parashara has found out the total numerical value of all strengths. He has identified individual optimal strength also. Yavanacharya has instructed optimum strength of points for each. Jyotish is knowledge mixed with sadhana. Then we can identify the strength without numerical support. Albert Einstein was having mercury in debility.

Einstein was one of the best knowledgable people. Seeing the debility, we cannot tell, mercury is powerless. Hence knowledge, as well as sadhana, is required to assess the strength of planets.

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Effects of the 11th from Karakamsa. If the 11th from Karakamsa receives a Drishti from, or is Yuti with a benefic, the native will enjoy happiness from co-born apart from gaining in every undertaking of his. If a malefic is in the 11th from Karakamsa, the native will gain by questionable means, be famous and valorous. Since the Shashtyamsa chart can easily differentiate between the twins as it changes with every 2 minutes of birth time. Similarly 10th house and lord from Atmakaraka Or from Karakamsa lagan in shatyamsa chart will describe about the carrier graph of the native apart from the 10th house and lord of shatyamsa chart.

Since 9th house is 2nd from the 8th house, we say that fire or fruit of dharma is the ultimate dhana of the Tap. It is said that GOD is mysteriously secretive Hidden , Irony is, even though he is everywhere, Its hard to see or identify him, even though he is too close In our heart still he is very far, even though we all are a seed of God Jeevatma -Jeevatma is not the parmatma God , Even though he is the power behind all the matter, he is not the matter himself.

Karakamsa chart from D chart. Shatyamsa or D Chart Add.

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