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The sign is symbolized by two fish; one swimming upward and the other downward. You can learn more about Pisces symbolism here. This sign is ruled by two planets, Neptune and Jupiter. The ancients tell us that as Pisces neared earth, it was zapped by a powerful lightning bolt, granting the sign strange psychic abilities. Taurus is an Earth sign. When you hear the term Earth Sign , think of individuals who are grounded, focused, and well balanced. There are only three such signs: Capricorn , Virgo, and Taurus respectively. Pisces is a Water sign.

6 Non-Negotiable Things All Tauruses Need From Their Partners

Whenever you hear the term Water Sign, think of people who are deep like the oceans, intuitive, and sensitive. There exist only three water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces respectively.


See this post on the Scorpio man in love to learn more. Pisces is a mutable sign. This means they have the gift of adaptability but can also have issues with staying focused. The intimate dance that exists between Taurus and Pisces is unique and powerful.

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Taurus is all about sensuality and the art of lovemaking. Conversely, Pisces required an emotional connection. The fish is uniquely equipped to handle this type of intensity, similar to the relationship between Taurus and Scorpio. But the real connection happens in the area of self-discovery.

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As a result, it can get stuck in a rut. Pisces, however, is a mutable sign. It adapts as necessary and is highly creative. It is one of the few zodiacs that can get Taurus out of its rut and experiment with different activities. Behind closed doors, this pairing can experience an explosive connection. Their deep Karmic link comes from the joining of earth and water.

Worst Matches

By nature, the Taurus tends to be dominant. Pisces is more submissive. Therefore, intimacy can last for hours with extended periods of touching. The more emotional the bull becomes, the more the fish is drawn in. Expect deep eye contact, coupled with long periods of passion, as part of the experience.

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The emotional bond between Pisces and Taurus is extremely strong. Ever cautious when it comes to affairs of the heart, the bull looks to connect with a mate for the long term. While Pisces desires the same, it struggles far less with establishing an emotional link. Once both signs feel secure, their connection is unshakable. In fact, so strong is their bond that the duo must be careful not to become codependent.

As time goes on and their love deepens, both will find their hearts vibrating at the same frequency. Similar to the previous trait of love, trust takes time to build between this pairing.

Taurus, a fixed sign, is very careful about emotionally investing in others. This is particularly true when it comes to love and fidelity. If the bull has been hurt in the past, it does not forget the wound. Pisces, a mutable sign, grants trust fairly fast but are also known for changing its mind. Should the bull pick up on the faintest whiff of doubt, it will stomp off with a quickness.

That said, Pisces has a way of endearing itself to the bull.

Taurus Compatibility - Astrology Companion

Because of its unique psychic powers, it can intuit what the bull needs. Taurus personalities have zero tolerance for infidelity, be it emotional or physical. Pisces in almost all cases can easily adapt to this requirement. The only exception is when a Scorpio is in the picture ; a mysterious sign that the fish is strangely drawn to. Translation: Taurus is strategic and purposeful with money.

Pisces can be impulsive and sometimes wasteful. This is not meant to offend any Pisces who are reading this. The good news is that both give what the other struggles to possess. Taurus can be miserly and is prone to being cheap. Pisces has a way of jarring the bull out of its usual doldrums and get it to try new things. On the flipside, the bull creates boundaries for the fish around spending.

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  4. Pisces benefits greatly from this and will find the financial discipline to be healing. The trick is for Taurus to recognize not everyone uses money as a security blanket. Below you should see a poll that explores the pairing between the pairing. If you are accessing this post on a smartphone, it may not appear.

    Should that be the case, you can use click on this Taurus and Pisces poll link to vote and see results. What attracts Taurus and Pisces the most? The intellectual match between Pisces and Taurus is high. Because Pisces is so empathic, it has a way of understanding complex issues on an emotional level. In this way, both complement one another. Each provides the other a lens from which to see things from a different perspective. One is not smarter than the other. Instead, each absorbs mental material differently. When in a romantic relationship, these traits make for a powerful match.

    Initially, communications between the pairing can be challenging. However, once each sign has tuned into the other, communication is not a problem. They love being close and will pamper their feeling with admiration and attention. Taurians are happiest in a close and committed union. In a relationship, a Taurean is very traditional in the sense that they will love going out on dates. However, they are also homebodies, so a lot of your time will be spent cuddling up to them in bed and watching movies with them on the couch.

    the most compatible sign for taurus man The most compatible sign for taurus man
    the most compatible sign for taurus man The most compatible sign for taurus man
    the most compatible sign for taurus man The most compatible sign for taurus man
    the most compatible sign for taurus man The most compatible sign for taurus man
    the most compatible sign for taurus man The most compatible sign for taurus man

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