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This week revolves around altruism, the openness of the heart and attention to others. The planets ask you to open the door to the other.


Do not restrain yourself. The goal of this week for you is to access inner calm, to practice the art of giving and receiving, and to reach a mutual understanding. You welcome Venus in your sign this week.

With her, your love increases drastically, your generosity expands, your natural altruism only asks to express itself and your intelligence of the heart is released without restraint. A follower of the slow life, you will give all it takes to reach the serenity of the spirit, the appeasement of the body and create a synergy of soul and conscience. Mercury, Neptune and the Sun pamper you, you will be able to achieve affective-emotional acquisition and spiritual nirvana.

The new moon in your sign on Wednesday helps you to heal old wounds, leave behind what holds you back, and free your soul from the grievances and resentments that weigh you down. Translated by Polina Shaykina. Vogue Paris.


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Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Lois Chiles, born on April 15, Grace Jones, born on May 19, Luciana Paluzzi, born on June 10 Diana Rigg, born on July 20, Carole Bouquet, born on August 18, Barbara Bach, born on August 28, Kristina Wayborn, born on September 24, Sophie Marceau, born on November 17, Teri Hatcher, born on December 8, Its helpful to examine your motives as the ringleader of the group. Are your actions aimed at making others happy or are you imposing your idea of happiness on them?

Loosening the reins of control might ease the tension on everyone. You cant help but spend time tripping through your personal history today.

Nostalgic walks down Memory Lane can be nourishing to your soul, but they also take their toll when you stumble on a recollection that you wish never happened. Retelling stories about old events among friends and family could be healing as long as they dont become a substitute for whats occurring in the present moment.

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Tom Petty sang, You can look back babe, but its best not to stare. Your philosophical nature comes across strongly today as you share your dreams. But those who know you well are very familiar with your hopeful stories about your plans for the future. Nevertheless, they support you as you imagine the best possible scenarios out loud. Instead of watching your dreams rise and fall, pick one thats a reoccurring fantasy and seriously consider what you need to do to make it come true.

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Byron Katie wrote, What we really believe is what we manifest. What we believe, we see.

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Youre not a fan of uncertainty, yet youre often the first to respond in a positive manner when something unexpected happens. If circumstances beyond your control disrupt your schedule, you have an opportunity to step in and save the day. Your organizational skills are well-known, and people tend to trust your judgment when it comes to coordinating lots of variables.

Rather than worrying about what might go wrong now, offer your ideas for what could go right and let everyone pitch in with their suggestions. The only way to get something done is to begin. Although you might be restless as you anticipate a day that already has too much structure, things can transform in a flash. Hidden emotional tension bursts a bubble of containment like lightning striking the ground.

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You may feel the thrill of freedom when you realize the truth has been exposed and you are liberated from a monotonous fate. Ironically, it could be one little part of the big picture that shatters, but its enough to give you permission to change the day more to your liking.

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Ce qui signifie que votre carte astrale est aussi unique que vos empreintes digitales. The sense of protection found in our relationship with food affects us on numerous levels, and Venus and Jupiter will protect us from pain in any way possible.

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In the eyes of current positioning of Mars in Cancer, we are to see how the energy can be brought to life and transformed into its most potent state. Signes Du Zodiaque. Horoscope [EN]. Compatibility [EN]. Blog [EN].

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