Chani nicholas capricorn horoscope

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Each difficult personality you deal with deftly, each hand you hold carefully, and each nerve you calm seamlessly sets a tone for many moons to come. Treat each obstacle you come up against as if it were your entrance fee to the next part of your professional path.

Here's How Cancer Season Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Some will push you to speak your truth and take up space, others will ask you to hold back and gather more information. All eyes are on your at the moment.

What you communicate is just as important as what you remain silent about. At least for now. Scorpio, July sets you out on adventures that come with big blessings and substantial challenges. The more challenging the projects you choose to publish, put out into the world, and produce, the better.

But committing to the right challenge is key. You need to fight for something that you have a sincere connection with. Sagittarius, t o the degree that you can, be unrelenting in your admission of guilt, shame, fear, and frustration.

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Flush them out of your system. Relieve your heart of any unnecessary heaviness.


Bad blood needs a transfusion. Poisoned wells need not be revisited. Your purse needs to feel worthy of being filled up, and so do you.

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It is, however, part of your life lesson at the moment. How you combine the subtle art of not giving AF with the ability to take in constructive criticism is your goal for the month. Whatever you can do to minimize unnecessary shame, and maximize proactive solutions and strategies, the better. This month is all about your personal growth, but you actually need the challenges that come up with others to get to it.

If and when you can see your opponents as teachers in disguise, the better for you and all involved. Aquarius, w hen planning out your month remember to schedule a time for what helps your mental-health and well-being flourish. Notice when and where you try to do everything for yourself instead of delegating to those that could, would, and should do it in partnership with you. Holidays, Christmas, Easter, are clustered around equinoxes for a reason.

Capricorn Full Moon; Gods Of Change ~ Chani Nicholas

The marking of time is in our DNA, and I think people are hungry for it again. And astrology helps you do that. The new moon is a good time to reset, refocus your attention where your power is and staying with that. As the new moon moves into a full moon hopefully those affirmations grow into.

But what I can be is useful.

Your 12222 Horoscope

I can be a place of refuge or reflection. Horoscopes are not astrology, they are a little offering, an amuse bouche of the whole meal. Vogue Shops. British Vogue. Edition Britain Chevron. An important part. A part that, if used consciously, can create long-lasting and permanent positive change. The moon transmits light. It transmits the energy of the other planets. It is the translator of the cosmos for the earth.

The planets that the full moon speaks to are very important. They influence the ways in which the full moon effects us. The planet least like the moon itself, Uranus breaks things. Shatters them. Shakes them. Destabilizes them. Awakens us to the possibilities of living beyond the bounds of convention, tradition and duties that keep us down.

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Uranus in Aries is a personal revolution, one that can go very wrong if unrelated to the collective good. Mars in Scorpio speaks to the intense emotional reserves that we all carry. Most often, emotions are our motivations. To be unrelated to them and their power makes it all the more easy to use them in destructive ways instead of for our constructive, collective healing. Capricorn is steadfast, hard-working, goal-orientated and relentlessly responsible.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn.

Weekly Horoscopes

Saturn is the planet of bounds, borders, barriers, constraints and confinements. Saturn inhibits. Saturn rules. Saturn loves rules. Makes rules. Abides by them.


Tests us by giving us rules that work against us to see if we will find the authority within ourselves to stand up and make our own rules. Saturn is the Lord of Time. Keeping watch.

chani nicholas capricorn horoscope Chani nicholas capricorn horoscope
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chani nicholas capricorn horoscope Chani nicholas capricorn horoscope
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