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Eventually a TV producer pulled him aside and explained that his best talent was coaching people through hard times using astrology.

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He could not help but agree. In Christopher branched out on his own to create video horoscopes on his website, Soulgarden. Subscribers enjoy personalized guidance, every day that is custom suited to their astrological needs. Readings by CHristopher Sensei Christopher Witecki has been practicing astrology readings for over twenty-years.

His psychic ability matched with his astrological knowledge gives you a precise read on your soul. Standard topics in Christopher's readings include a clear understanding of your spiritual karma, your conscious strengths and challenges, and what he likes to call "The Story You Were Born to Live". This is the story of your destiny when you were born.

You are welcome to ask any questions or have him gaze into any topic, on anyone you desire, during the session. Every prediction and message is personalized to your astrology, gender, age, and specific story. You will feel like someone is talking directly to you. Experienced personalized coaching and support that is personal, genuine and surprisingly timely and accurate. You have never experienced this level of support before.

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Sensei Christopher Witecki is a Master Astrologer and has been practicing astrology and doing readings for over twenty-years. He has performed over 10k privately recorded readings. His psychic ability matched with his astrological knowledge gives a precise read on the soul. Every message and prediction is written personally by Christopher Witecki. Amazing Astrology! Watch Our Video! Predictions are Text Messaged Personal predictions and emotional forecasts are sent via text message or email through the day. Online Videos and Community Log into our online application to discover a wealth of videos, personal astrology reports, and community forums and like-minded comments.

History of Astrology: How Zodiac Signs Came To Be

Your Soul's Biography Learn all the quarks and deep details about your personality. What Our Subscribers Say.

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Result Driven Life Coaching. Make Better Decisions. There is no other-worldly influence of the stars on people, which is what many falsely believe is what zodiac signs are all about. Astrologers have known about this constellation for years — and it has not changed anything. Yes, the earth has tilted and you may not be born under the same exact angle under the stars that ancient astrologers have noted when they first made their observations, but that does not matter because it is NOT the stars that influence your behavior. The earth is still rotating and the sun and planets are still circling the earth.

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Remember, back then the stars were just used as a guide to note the time… nothing more. Astrologers are observers, much like Scorpios.


The way I like to personally use astrology is as a guide. I have said this a few times, do not let astrology run your life. Use it as a guide. It is all based on observation, some may apply to you and some may not. You just have to be honest with yourself to figure out whether or not certain statements apply to you. You have to notice patterns within your OWN life and go off of those observations, just like our ancient astrologers did. You also must understand that many of the zodiac information and horoscopes that you read can tend to be generalized and are usually based on your Sun sign alone.

I plan on posting about the other planetary influences next year so I will get into that later. This is what astrology is truly all about. Many naysayers who are against astrology are lacking when it comes to self-observation. Think about it, this is the exact same reason why we have psychologists and therapists. Some people are just unable to engage in introspection and need others to point out their own thoughts and behaviors to them.

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christopher witecki astrologer Christopher witecki astrologer
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